Questions and Answers: Business Analytics in USA

Questions and Answers: Business Analytics in USA

Q. Are Business Analytics and Data Science and Analytics related? If no, what are the differences and which is better between the two?

Business analysts and data analysts both work with data. The difference is what they do with it. Business analysts use data to make strategic business decisions. Data analysts gather data, manipulate it, identify useful information from it, and transform their findings into digestible insights. Which is better of the 2 depends on your interests and goals.

Q. Which are Top 10 best university courses in the USA for Business Analytics?

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. Carnegie Mellon University
3. University of Texas at Austin
4. University of Chicago
5. Columbia University
6. Duke University
7. Georgia Institute of Technology
8. Purdue University
9. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
10. New York University

Q. Any job opportunities in the US or any other country related to Business Analytics?

According to the GMAC survey report in 2018, more than half of all the top participating employers are looking to hire MS Analytics graduates in 2018. The demand is strongest among Asia-Pacific employers, of whom 62 per cent plan to hire Master of Analytics graduates. About half of employers in the US (52%), Europe (50%), and South (Latin) America (47%) plan to make such hires.
A majority of Fortune Global 100, 500, and publicly traded companies have Master of Data/Business Analytics hiring plans. The hiring demand for recent Master of Data/Business Analytics graduates is strongest among the employers in the technology (70%), healthcare (61%), manufacturing (55%), and consulting (54%) industries.

Q. Which city is suited best in the USA for BA job prospects?

Cities for Data Business Analysts
Tech positions are becoming more and more in demand – and data business analysts are among the most sought after. Here are the top 5 cities where employers are looking:
San Jose, California, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Washington, D.C., USA

Q. Any good universities other than the USA for Business Analytics?

1. ESSEC Business School, France
2. ESCP Business School, France
3. Imperial College Business School, UK
4. ESADE Business School, Spain
5. Manchester (Alliance), UK
6. McGill (Desautels), Canada
7. Warwick Business School, UK
8. University of Edinburgh, UK
9. Melbourne Business School, Australia
10. NUS Business Analytics Centre, Singapore

Q. What should one do after doing MSBA to propel one’s career?

This depends on one’s interests and goals. Some people find jobs and settle down in career. Some go for PhD. or MBA
Q. The new maths that is the Applied Maths in CBSS. Are the students who have Applied Maths, Eco in grade 11 eligible for the BA programs in the US and other countries?
Best to always take the standard mathematics course in CBSE. Applied maths might not be acceptable in many cases.

Q. What are the subjects taught?

A few of the subjects taught during BA are: –

Curriculum for Babson

1. Entrepreneurship, Analytics, and Strategy of the Firm
2. Machine Learning for Business.
3. Marketing Analytics.
4. Modern Econometrics for Business.
5. Programming for Business Analytics.
6. Storytelling / Communication with Data.


Consulting Field Project
Cognitive Technologies
Deeper / Advanced Machine Learning
Technical Operations Research
Clouds, Platforms, and Networks
Digital Marketing
Economic and Financial Forecasting
Enterprises 2.0: Building Social Networks
Financial and Macroeconomics Data Analysis
Health Economics
Marketing Research and Analysis
Strategy & Tactics of Pricing
Supply Chain Management

Curriculum for Northeastern University

Introduction To Business Analytics
Foundations Of Data Analysis for Business
Business Analytics Methods
Information Visuals and Dashboards for Business
Information Visualization for Business
Data Mining and Machine Learning for Business
Business Information Design, Quality and Strategy Business Analytics Capstone

Q. Are there any specific background/ subjects which one has to take before doing a BA?

-An undergraduate degree in a quantitative field but not limited to (i.e., engineering, Computer Science, economics, mathematics, business, physical science or commerce) from an accredited institution. University coursework or professional experience in computer programming is required; knowledge of C, C++ or Java (with a focus on object-oriented programming) is preferred.

Q. Which has better opportunities? Being a Data Scientist or a Business Analyst?

Data-driven decisions have quickly become the standard for most businesses because there already is a track record that such an approach works. Anyone wanting to enter a data analysis field can do well in either discipline. It’s simply a matter of choosing the career path that best fits a person’s skills.
Typically, data science can be taken up by early-career professionals but business analytics is better suited for professionals with experience in business development, technology and project management.

Today, the current market size for business analytics is $67 Billion and for data science, $38 billion. The market size in 2025 is expected to reach $100 Billion and $140 billion respectively. This means we can expect a surge in demand for these two profiles very soon.

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