Data Science and its Future

Data Science and its Future

Data Science and its Future: Why everyone is talking about DATA scientists

What would happen if statistics and computer science got together and had a child? The beautiful progeny would be data science, with the best characteristics of its parents. It will also have some features of its distance cousin called business.

Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology in order to solve analytically complex problems.

At the core of this hullabaloo is data: Hordes of Raw information from which we can infer a lot of nascent information. Mining of data, as this is called, leads to discovering that aspect of data which can be used in creative ways to understand user information and generate business value.

For example, what do you think Netflix and data science have in common?



DATA SCIENCE is a merger between three different areas of study: Math, Computer science and Business acumen.


Career Options for Graduates of Data Science:

  • Statistician- This is a primary job and it requires you to crunch big numbers to find out common patterns or deal with government data and find out a trend in a given area. It is important for market research based organization.
  • A Business Intelligence analyst: A BI professional uses data to help figure out market and business trends by analyzing data and helps a company leverage its current position in the market or grow further.
  • Data Analyst- In addition to analyzing data, a data mining engineer will create sophisticated algorithms to help analyze the data further, even for a third party. A DA can work for telecommunications companies, finance companies, manufacturing companies
  • Data Mining or Big Data Engineer.
  • Program/Project Manager
  • Data architects help design management systems that are used to centralize, integrate and maintain data and protect its sources. All organisations need such personnel.

Here is a basic structure of pay scales of jobs in Data science:


Median Salaries for Jobs Related to Data Science (Source:

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    Thanks for this post. It surely gives insights to the emerging field of Data Science.
    Would like info on scope and future of Financial engg/ Maths and Computational Science Post grad courses.

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