Failing grades to academic success!

Failing grades to academic success!

As teenagers begin to enter middle school, some fail to cope up with the new system, amount of assignments and the drastic change in the syllabus as compared to their primary years. Distractions and procrastination cause such a descend on their academic statuses as parents hope for things to turn around. The questions arises-how to help teenage students whose grades are on a downward spiral?

Firstly, academic failure can act as a point of realization, where the student understands and decides that drastic changes need to be made in their educational habits. They likely need a refresher and overhaul their current study habits to realize where they face the most difficulty. To do this, there are several ways to climb back up the ladder again.

1. Fix a study time

  • Teenagers who struggle to focus in school time should implement an additional daily study time in which they can cover the subject of concern.
  • They should be able to revise the topics and formulate doubtful questions during that time that can be cleared by their tutors.

2. Utilize every resource

  • For any doubts, confusions, or questions, there is nothing that can’t be answered online, be it videos, websites, or even books.
  • Using a range of information sources to understand the same concept can be the answer to the problem in almost every situation.

3. Asking for help is never an issue!

  • Students can ask and should ask their peers or classroom teachers about any concept that they are having trouble with.
  • Students who are facing issues in academics are most likely the ones who avoid asking for help from teachers or peers due to embarrassment or shyness.

4. Go over old topics

  • Going over old topics can help bring back the foundation to whichever new topic the student is facing trouble in.
  • They can act as a refresher and can help students relate better to the newer content which may seem like gibberish at first. 


5. Have a productive summer break

  • The summer break is a great way to relearn the topics of concern with all the excess free time that is now available.
  • Taking help from external tutors is always an option while the burden of homework and assignments from school is excused.





This blog has been contributed by Nandini Sarin, a class 9 student of Pathways World School Aravali, interning with PPRO EED.

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