How to Find a Job while Studying Abroad

How to Find a Job while Studying Abroad

Studying at a university is no joke. And it’s tougher when you are studying in a different country. It requires focus, passion, motivation as well as sacrifices. It often helps if you engage yourself in more meaningful tasks. Apart from joining various clubs and teams to bond with people, finding a part-time job is also a fantastic way of integrating with the job market before you graduate.

Some courses require you to mandatorily work while studying, and some students are just motivated to work to either use it to fund their studies or build on their skill set. Either way, it is a great career choice.


Professionally, jobs are tough. You need to be more dedicated and the chances of slipping up are slim. You need to be sure that you are mentally in a space that allows you to truly work. You need to have a brief idea of the industry you want to join. So the basic question you must ask yourself is – am I doing this just to earn some money, or is this going to add to my career? This can help you choose your options clearly.


Honestly, it’s hard to start a full-time job while studying. This is where part-time positions come in! And covering this position means combining successfully work and university courses. From being a bartender at your local watering hole, to interning for a big firm, all options are on the table. Clearly, you won’t be paid as a full job but it’s always a good way to start and join the job environment.


University Portal: In almost all universities, you have a proper portal where companies publish available job positions for students. These companies often collaborate with your university and would be more open to hiring students. They will be aware of your primary attention to your studies and will ensure that your studies don’t suffer. You can find also study programs that allow you to do an internship before graduating.

LinkedIn: If you already haven’t, make a LinkedIn profile. We can not stress more on its importance. Many companies post job openings on LinkedIn profiles and you can connect to industry leaders here. So make sure to mention all experiences, skills and academic background. It is important to keep applying. We are sure something will eventually click once you get the hang of the medium.

Ask around:Just ask around about available job positions as well as tell your friends and professors about your intention to start working. Often, people find jobs by simply letting people know they are looking, and your close circle will be your biggest supporters.

Job websites: there are thousands of websites where you can set up your profile and find out job positions. You just have to sign up and voila, you are good to go!.

Working independently will make you feel more responsible for yourself, plus improve your CV at the same time! You’ll likely have more chances of finding a great job after graduating. And if you are lucky, it might even pay!


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