Letting go of procrastination!

Letting go of procrastination!

Procrastination, simply put is knowing what you should be doing, but not wanting to do it, can be the biggest bane of every student’s academic life. It’s easy to ignore assignments until the last minute, but when the deadline comes up, we are frustrated and complete our assignments that barely showcase our best abilities. Pulling that stress-induced all-nighter with no interest in your books whatsoever will only result in a downward spiral in your academic results. Sleep deprivation and rushing to keep up with deadlines can act as a huge setback or disadvantage in the day to day life of a student. Also, a constant habit of procrastinating can in some cases lead to major anxiety. Juggling tasks, and knowingly not finishing them on time can lead a person to be highly anxious. Here are a few tips to get back on your feet and avoid procrastination!

Set simple goals

Turning the goal from “studying math” to “finishing chapter 4” just makes your goal less intimidating and more achievable. Tackling a simple goal one at a time rather than a difficult or large one may just get you to reach your ultimate goal smoothly and on time.

Get rid of distractions

Keeping that phone next to you as it buzzes every few seconds with a new notification or even more so, the external distractions such as a loud study environment, will never enable you to focus. Try changing the study environment, where you can clear your mind and study distraction-free.

Give yourself incentives

Giving yourself a motive or even better, a reward for finishing an assignment no matter how small will only lead you to finish more work. It is easier to pay attention when something is at stake.

Time yourself

Studying for too long and overworking your brain will never lead you to achieve the desired goal. Setting a sufficient amount of time for your work will prevent you from getting too exhausted and hence turning your work too daunting to accomplish.

Get organized

Knowing the exact deadlines and time required along with the resources required just makes the job less stressful. Not having to panic about a deadline and getting organized beforehand is always beneficial to achieving any goal.

 Finish the hard work first

It’s always best to complete the more challenging or the most undesirable assignments at first, only because once you finish it you no more need to worry about it! Delaying the same dreadful assignment will never finish it, so it is best to buckle down and complete it.



This blog has been contributed by Nandini Sarin, a class 9 student of Pathways World School Aravali, interning with PPRO EED.

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