How to deal with low GPA scores?

How to deal with low GPA scores?

Low GPA Score? Don’t let that stop you from getting a good university!

We are not always in our best form. A lot of unfortunate things can happen in school when we are unable to focus on studies and hence are unable to put our best foot forward academically. Sometimes, life happens. It is extremely sad that bad grades can be the deciding factor when you decide to pursue a course of your choice. It is a very sad feeling when you are unsure whether other factors are enough to carry you through.

Not all is lost. Fret not. You can still make up for lost time and effort through a shift in focus on other aspects of your application

Admission test

Many universities ask you to undertake a written test. This is your time to shine. If you clear the admission test with flying colours, it will enable you to go forward for the interview round where you have a solid chance to prove that your low GPA does not accurately represent your intellect. You must buckle up and study for the admission test and all other college requirements.

Start working on your grades now

It’s never too late to improve your marks. Final marks count and you can start with reappearing for subjects in which you have scored less to make up for lost marks. Tuitions are a good option to consider if you feel you are lagging behind in class. Also, take help from educators and peers. Its always fun to study with friends and helps in easier revision and quicker learning.

Personal Statement matters!

Your personal statement is your chance to showcase what an excellent student you are and can be. You can paint the perfect picture to appeal as a candidate for the university. You can write about your personal achievements and skills in details as well as extra-curricular activities. Take time to write a personal statement that will leave a good impression on the admission officers.

Recommendation letters

Teachers spend a lot of time with you and can help you justify why you will be a good candidate inspite of your low grades because you have other skills. They can provide testament to this fact and help you make a good case. So start early and let your teachers know about your LOR. If you have a personal mentor, they can talk about your character to the admissions officer.

Extracurricular activities can make your application attractive

Grades are not all that important. It will matter if you have exceeded at other things in life. If you were a good basketball player, or you play an instrument, act and dance for a theatre group or are a budding entrepreneur- all this speaks tons for your ambition and personality. College life will not be just about grades, but also how you will contribute to the multicultural atmosphere and the amazing student life. So if you good at a sport, or play the cello, let them know!


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