Preparing for college: the earlier the better!

Preparing for college: the earlier the better!

One’s college life is what determines one’s future interests and preparing to find that interest is what’s most nerve-wracking. Freshman in high school and parents start to look for answers for questions such as;

  • What profession do I want to pursue?
  • Which college to apply to?
  • What are the requirements for that college?
  • What can I add more to my CV to be accepted?
  • How do I start planning for college?

Such questions and many more can start bothering students as they start to prepare for college admissions. Although that stress can very well be avoided if one starts preparing at the very beginning of high school, and not wait till the last minute, because it is never too early!

Seniors in high school are overloaded with the numerous assignments that are assigned by institutions and find it difficult to add extra items to their CVs, which is most required by colleges. For an early freshman, it would be far more beneficial to start building their CVs, start focusing on a particular interest, preparing for standardized tests from the get-go.


1. Create a plan! Knowing what a student wants to pursue from the very beginning is what is most beneficial.

Focusing the attention on a particular subject may influence students to participate in extracurricular activities that revolve around that particular interest. Presenting those experiences to a university within that field will give them greater credit.


Knowing which colleges to apply is also crucial as students would be able to focus their plans around the college’s requirements. This involves knowing which standardized tests are required and the academic status required, so one can start preparing soon.


  1. Standardized tests

For studying abroad, institutions require sufficient results on various standardized tests including the SAT, ACT, IELTS, and TOEFL exams.

  • These tests involve the tricky high-level application of knowledge. But results will be easily achievable if students start preparing themselves early on at the beginning of high school.
  • This is also because students can have multiple attempts at these exams, and by preparing earlier they can achieve better results as they gain experience.


  1. Build up a resume

Colleges across the globe seek students who have achieved success or gained experience in areas other than in-school academics.

As freshmen are relieved from extra academic pressure from schools, they have the excess time to grab extracurricular opportunities in a field of their interest which can win them great credit by a college of their choice.


Summer school programs

Enrolling for online courses

Finding an internship

Initiating a community service project





All of this can give students experience in the field of their interest and give them credit for college as well as broaden their horizons!




This blog has been contributed by Nandini Sarin, a class 9 student of Pathways World School Aravali, interning with PPRO EED.


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