Student Diary 1: Choosing The Right Career Path

Student Diary 1: Choosing The Right Career Path

Doctor or Engineer? These were the two career options that kept encircling my mind and literally haunted me during nights. People around me always insisted that I should take up the sciences because of the good academic regime that I was able to build over the years. Deep inside I knew that I was not really intrigued in those subjects but due to lack of certainty and continued persuasion, I almost filled up the medical field in my subject choices for grade 11.

As I had some doubts in mind, I decided to visit PPRO EED because my elder brother was already seeking guidance from their team and my parents were beyond satisfied. Just one mere session with Aditi ma’am helped me realize that I had an inclination towards the social sciences! There was a wave of confidence after the session that felt like I had chosen the right path. Thus, I decided to opt for humanities with maths and left all my relatives stunned (which was one of the best parts).

This is where my journey with PPRO EED started. From building a good profile to choosing the university and course, check out my other blogs which could help you along the process. I will be laying them out in the form of a student diary so that nothing is missed out!

Points to reflect on-

  1. Don’t be blindly influenced by others.
  2. Take some time to introspect your thoughts.
  3. Seeking career counselling is never a bad idea.
  4. I would recommend career counselling sessions with PRRO EED based on my experience.



This blog has been contributed by Tanveen Kaur, a  student of K.R. Mangalam World School, Gurgaon.




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  • Your blog is the torchlight that each student is looking for before form x when they are in a situation of dilemma and have to explore their innate passion to achieve their right direction

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