Student Diary 4: Student Council-Leadership

Student Diary 4: Student Council-Leadership

One of the most essential opportunities that your school will provide you is the chance to be in the student government or council. Don’t let procrastination, self-doubt or laziness take over this golden chance from you. Step up, fill the applications enthusiastically and prepare for your interviews. Interviews can be intimidating but the PPRO EED team helped me in preparing for mine and I was appointed as the Vice-Head Girl!

Being the Vice Head Girl of the entire school community, helped me to evolve and improve my personality significantly. Firstly, it was quite difficult to attain this position as there was overwhelming competition and after procuring it, I had to honor the regard that the management had for my abilities with utmost dedication and perseverance.

Given limited school resources for best outcomes, I learnt about optimization analysis as my duties entailed managing tasks and decision-making. From reconnecting with the junior wing to organizing events, the whole journey was filled with zest and obstacles. Being a popular face on the school stage, many children looked up to me as their role model. I was successful in changing the perspective of many students who looked down at the humanities subjects as inferior to the sciences which is a common stigma in Indian schools. Furthermore, I encouraged many students to delve deep into their caliber and participate in competitions rather than the monotonous students being the face of the school in every competition. With the help of my entire team, I introduced the yearbook, alumni meet and girls football team in our school for the first time.

This position of leadership made me realize that a school offers much more than just discipline and education. It indeed was an opportunity to lead by example and bring a difference in the school community.



This blog has been contributed by Tanveen Kaur, a  student of K.R. Mangalam World School, Gurgaon.


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