Student Diary 5: Building my Profile – Extracurriculars

Student Diary 5: Building my Profile – Extracurriculars

Grades are something but NOT EVERYTHING. Yes, go back and read it again! Your academic standing does matter but universities look at your overall profile.

Looking at my extracurriculars, drawing has always been a crucial activity for me since childhood. At the age of 6, I started taking art classes and spent most of my time scribbling with crayons. Since then, I have worked in numerous media including charcoal, watercolour, oil pastels, oil paints, soft pastels, pencil and ink pen. Art induces creativity in my thoughts and it has helped me gain confidence. I completed 1st Division in Diploma in Art, Bharati Kala Kendra, India which was also quite an enriching experience. I have also participated in various inter-school art competitions and got an opportunity to display my artistic skills at the state level too. Apart from the achievements, serving as an art teacher for the underprivileged children at Baghiya NGO gave me immense pleasure. These are some drawings that I made in the 8 grade when I was learning pencil shading and charcoal!




Another important extra-curricular activity that I invested my time in is creative writing. Earlier, creative writing was only a part of my academic curriculum but gradually, I started gaining interest in it. I also worked as a content writer and contributed articles to a news company during a COVID-19 Summer Internship. It gave a boost to my research, time management and writing skills.
Recognizing my skills in both domains, Aditi ma’am suggested and guided me to publish my own poetry book! This is something I never gave a thought to and it felt like a huge achievement. I named the book “Words in My Court” and it is now available on numerous platforms including Amazon and Flipkart. In addition to the poems, I also added their pictorial representation through small illustrations made by me.



These are only two of the many activities I listed in this diary. You do not need to be engaged in multiple activities at the same time but definitely try to refine your current ones. PPRO EED helped me in taking my skills to the next level which was not only a great addition to my profile but aided me in developing lifelong skills!



This blog has been contributed by Tanveen Kaur, a  student of K.R. Mangalam World School, Gurgaon.

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