Student Diary 6: The Application Process

Student Diary 6: The Application Process

I was highly excited for the applications to open up but my enthusiasm gradually started declining. Overall, the whole process got quite exhausting but luckily, I had a very supportive team of PPRO EED helping me throughout. From collecting the relevant documents to writing essays, I was working day and night to perfect everything! When I had recollected all my achievements and involvements in these documents, it felt utterly fulfilling. The thing that proved out to be the most useful was the College Information Sheet provided by PPRO EED to me. It contained all my records from universities, course links, deadlines to required documents, scholarships and fees. This helped me in being organized and punctual with all my applications.



The most exciting part was waking up to acceptances and scholarships from universities. Fortunately, my hard work paid off and I was offered scholarships from almost all the universities in Canada. Remember to celebrate even the small victories as they always serve as a motivation to carry on with full zest. A tip here would be to apply as soon as possible as it proves beneficial in some universities and for the courses which fill up quickly due to high demand. In some universities., it also makes you eligible for automatic consideration for certain entrance scholarships. The process will fill your eyes with tears of both agony and happiness but the key to success is to keep moving forward with diligence!



This blog has been contributed by Tanveen Kaur, a  student of K.R. Mangalam World School, Gurgaon.

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