How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Deciding the country and the course is job half done. Whatever you choose, you need to follow it up with research. It’s a good idea to look for dependable sources to check university and course ranking of the one you choose. While deciding the destination, consult subject rankings of the programs in the colleges and college ranking for a particular course.

The next step is application. Different colleges in various countries have different application processes, details of which are available on the college’s official website. International students have a rigorous task of sometimes applying for two-step applications, which includes

  • One application for admission in the university
  • One application for admission to the course

Another important step is to see language and grade requirements, letter of recommendations and school board. Marks are sometimes converted to match their criteria and some universities accept Indian board results. Some universities may have entrance test and tests to check English/language proficiency. So these prerequisites need to be in place before applying.

Student visa is often issued only after you have received a letter of acceptance from your university, but in some cases it can be availed before that. But nonetheless it’s a lengthy process so allow yourself time to settle each matter diligently.

For more details on the aforementioned issues, consult our PproEed guide book and blog section, or call our counsellor.

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