Studying Abroad: UG or PG?

Studying Abroad: UG or PG?

We are of the opinion – the sooner the better.

Indians heading abroad are younger than ever before. They are often in late teens and fresh out of intermediate classes. Instead of joining the rat race that starts in our country after board exams are over, they choose to explore worthwhile options abroad, even if it means shelling out a few lakh more. Parents today also appreciate that students need to be able to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. With falling standards of Indian education, people are looking to the west for better opportunities.

For Indian parents, sending their children to study abroad can be an interesting experience- ranging from pure euphoria to utter panic. For both parents and students alike, a question that is often debated upon is the time to take this big leap. Whether undergraduate studies is a good way to initiate their ward’s inter-country experience or whether post graduate studies abroad is the right call.

While undergraduate studies are commonly seen as the perfect doorway to international education, according to a recent HSBC report, 88% of Indian parents are keen to send their children abroad for postgraduate studies. They believe that once a student has had exposure to a college life, they are better suited to the needs of studying abroad independently. With growing age, they are better prepared to deal with the requirements of an overseas education. There is only a small fraction of kids who are mature at 17-18 and can deal with the culture shock, excessive freedom and peer influence at such a tender age.

Studying abroad after under graduation opens many avenues for entrepreneurial and employment opportunities.

Maturity comes inevitably once one is left to make decisions independently. A sheltered life will only make a child incapable of facing life’s tough situations. They need to find how to look at the world from their own standpoint and not your lens. Theoretical education system in India is fast growing redundant and a fresher viewpoint is needed for the students to be exposed to.

For parents who are still jittery about this whole 4-year undergrad experience can start off with 6-12 month long study abroad programs and then make a decision. If good education and holistic development are your agenda, then overseas education from a good university can make all the difference!

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