Where should we study? Country or Course?

Where should we study? Country or Course?

Well this is a tough question to have a concrete answer for, since its very individual and is determined by an interplay of multiple factors. Personal interests and practicalities can often be at loggerheads and it’s a daunting task to sort everything out. But her at PPROEED, we try to help you make that decision- more specifically, help you make the right decision.

Your interests take priority over anything else in most cases. What you wish to study is more important since you will have to diligently pursue it. So choosing the subject of your undergrad or postgrad should take priority. Post which, there is college selection, which is determined by both your own academic records, extracurricular as well as financial viability. Costs of studying in a college or country (both tuition costs and living costs) are important decisions.

Also, another factor is your graduate career prospects (presence of a good job market) and the general vibe of the place matters. Sub-aspects would be college reputation, intake percentage, student to teacher ratio and other things.

Then what you want out of the entire experience determines the country. You may want to study in a world-class university in a big city or you may want to live in a small university town. You may want to experience the freedom of a liberal college or maybe travel a lot during your course years. Ensure you have all these questions answered before zeroing on a place.

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