Student Mentorship Program Mentoring Program for Grade 9 to 12



Indian students aiming to pursue higher education in foreign universities are required to meet stringent admission guidelines in order to compete with global applicants. Their assessment is based on a multitude of parameters such as academics, extra-curricular activities, leadership potential, internships,  community service, etc.


PPRO EED’s Student Mentoring Program  is a personalised program for each student to encourage academic excellence, connectedness and engagement, besides their personal growth and overall development. It is customised and tailor-made to the strengths and capabilities of each student and ensures that the experience is empowering to both the mentor and the mentee.

PproEed aims to groom a potential candidate from the grass-roots level starting from Grade 9 or even earlier. We believe that, to ensure the average Indian student applicant offers a competitive application, the student must be groomed earlier during the educational system.



We as a company spend a lot of time and effort working with the students in planning college admissions but along with that we also care a lot more about our students’ success throughout life in general. One of the primary ways in which PPRO EED helps students to become lifelong learners is via our Mentorship Program, which extends learning beyond the walls of classrooms. Through the Mentorship Program, students hone their abilities and knowledge and prepare themselves to be confident leaders and achievers, with well-developed communication skills. In addition, they learn more about themselves with strong degrees of self-awareness into their own strengths and weaknesses and also gain insight into career opportunities.

Most often, students that are targeting top schools attempt to build extracurricular profiles that they think colleges want to see; whereas we strongly believe that every student should determine for themselves what their interests are, and then work towards achieving within those interests to become a successful and confident personality.


We work with students during their academic & holiday calendar to help them identify and pursue Leadership Developmental activities of their interest such as summer camps, summer school courses, internships, community service, environment-related activities, blogging etc.  To plan the program, we meet with the parents and student to establish the aims and objectives of the program and the anticipated outcomes. We will enable you to maximise your potential by identifying key leadership opportunities inside and outside of school like events around your locality or make worthy contributions to your society, in the process of building on the college application.

A Ppro Eed mentor would invest time with the student to gauge the student’s potential by understanding his or her areas of strengths & opportunities. Having gauged this, the consultant would chart specific, time-bound goals for the student to sharpen his/her personal and academic profile.

Additionally, the mentor would help the student develop specific set of skills geared towards creating a powerful portfolio of applications, especially aimed at top universities and/or helping the child to blossom to his/her full potential. We also work closely with an NCERT certified counsellor, parenting coaches and child psychiatrist, and would connect the parents to the same if required. You get to chart your own growth with us.


Students benefit from our program regardless of when they join, whether they’re Freshmen (9th Grade) , Sophomores (10th Grade), Juniors (11th Grade) or Seniors (12th Grade).

9th Grade Program

The mentorship program for the 9th graders provides a solid foundation for their future experiences both in academics and professional environments. The program focuses on developing a strong academic and extracurricular base. The students are taught the habits and philosophies behind how to approach high school successfully. Our mentors also play a significant role in helping students develop their interests, which eventually prove very valuable for their applications when applying for college admissions, years later.

10th Grade Program

For 10th graders, our mentorship program guides students how to successfully prepare themselves and execute on the most crucial of the school years for college admissions – the 11th grade. Regular workshops are conducted and extra focus is spent on choosing the right subjects, developing sound academic habits, building extracurriculars and summer activities, and preparing for the college admissions process in advance.

11th Grade Program

For 11th graders, the focus is on preparing students for the incoming application process. We guide students to create their college lists in the countries of their choice, keep track of deadlines, provide support in application filling, mentoring for essay writing and securing recommendation letters. The Junior mentorship program helps the student design an application strategy and execute on achieving key milestones thus making them exceptionally well-prepared for the admissions process.

12th Grade Program

The focus of the progam in the senior year is finalising the right country, right universities and right courses basis student profile. Working with the students our mentors professionally package the profile of the student for applying to the foreign universities and guide them through the final stages of the admission process.


Plan and Timeline Creation

Our mentors work with the student to develop a full academic and extracurricular plan for the year that details specific and measurable goals and a timeline. The discussions are based on mentorship goals, achievements, problems, and challenges with students individually.

Admissions Insights

Students tend to benefit from our experience and knowledge, gained while working with a large number of students and universities across the globe. Students have access to all of our learnings so they can stay ahead.

Academic Advising

Our mentors understand the student’s strength and weakness and accordingly provide personalized insight and clarity into choosing class subjects, meeting academic milestones, and preparing a standardized test portfolio.

Exploring Interests and Passion

Through discussion-based exploration and with consistent sharing of intriguing articles, inspiring developments and other media contents, our mentors  work towards identifying a student’s interests and help in developing those interests further.

Profile Improvement and Enhancement Advising

Our mentors work with students to represent them as unique applicants by building a strong extracurricular profile by best positioning themselves for impressive activities, strong leadership, community service and a thematic profile.

Project Work

Each mentee is encourged to work on an individual project envisioned entirely by the student with the help of the mentor. Through these projects they can demonstrate their talent and creativity. Students explore an area of interest via a special project, like a research paper, blog writing,  fund raising activity, self started organizational initiative, musical recording, documentary making, programming skills etc.

Stress Management & Relationship Development

An essential part of our program is helping students develop a confident personality with strong social skills to build excellent relationships with their community be it their teachers, supervisors, family or friends. High school can be extremely stressful. Mentors constantly help the students build skills to surround themselves with positive social groups that motivate them and are good influences.


Get inspired To Pursue Your Ideas And Discover Your Real Interest

Students in our program discover and develop a unique set of new passions. Enthusiatically they pursue ideas, interests, and hobbies that they are actually passionate about. Students feel excited that they have discovered something that truly interests them, and their parents couldn’t be prouder.

Develop A Student’s Confidence, Self-Motivation, And Leadership Abilities.

Our students develop the confidence, self-esteem and skills they need to be successful in school and in life. They learn to develop their own leadership styles, allowing them to organize, collaborate and inspire their peers. This contributes to their evolving personality as they grow into interesting, self motivated, well rounded individuals.

Enhanced Academic And Extracurricular Profile That Makes You Stand Apart

Or students get engaged in activities that are  not arbitrary but  linked to their interests or passions, and thus they have a compelling story to tell at the time of admissions. Besides learning how to achieve stellar academic scores, students build resumés that clearly differentiates them from the other candidates.

Serve As A Positive Influence To Keep Students On The Right Track

With exam pressures and college admissions anxiety at an all-time high, academic stress can become a daily struggle as early as middle school. Our mentors help students chunk their work down into manageable, bite-sized portions that feel less overwhelming than looking at the big picture significantly reducing stress and improves overall happiness.

How can we help?



Consultancy matched to your aptitude and learning



Add dimensions to your personality through special efforts and activities that differentiate you from the pack



Enhanced confidence by active participation in inside and outside school activities that match your interest


Profile Building

Make an impressive portfolio that colleges admission officers look for

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