Our Team

Aditti Gupta

Aditti Gupta’s is the Founder and Director of PPRO EED. Her passion and dedication to the field of foreign education reflect in her in-depth knowledge of various course profiles and programs available in universities globally. Her extensive experience of over 20 years in the domain is an invaluable asset to her students, as she is able to provide them with complete support and guidance to gain admission into the best universities in the world. Her unique ability to present her students’ achievements and capabilities in an impressive and impactful profile, ensures that her students get the best chance of getting into their desired universities.

Shikha Verma

Shikha has over 12 years of experience in the corporate sector, where she has worked with leading MNC companies like Citi Financial, Convergys, and Agilent Technologies. Having gained such rich corporate experience, Shikha joined the Indian School of Business (ISB) at Hyderabad and completed her management education before taking the entrepreneurial plunge.
As an entrepreneur, she launched a promising culinary business before joining PPRO EED as a founding team member. Her primary role involves in process development/improvement, New hire trainings, coordinating with students on their application status and business development.

Kalpana Dang

Kalpana holds an MBA from Mumbai University and has over 15 years of work experience as an IT Project Manager both in India and Singapore working for companies like Godrej, Motorola and SUN Microsystems. After gaining international corporate exposure and meeting individuals from different walks of life, Kalpana recognizes and values the fundamentals of education that create the foundation of success.
Experiencing the foreign college application process firsthand for her child, she understands the key requirements for college acceptances and is proficient in guiding students. Kalpana can relate, empathize and address the goals and apprehensions that come with the process. She is a highly focused and approachable individual who enjoys engaging with different students to help them attain their targets! Along with this, Kalpana also leads PPRO EED’s social media marketing initiatives.

Kimberly D’mello

Kim has BA in Education from the University of Missouri Kansas City and a Masters in Administrative Sciences from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her work experience in the field of education ranges from teaching elementary school kids, to being a Higher Education Advisor for college bound seniors. She has also worked in the corporate world as an HR Administrator. Kim works as an essay editor to assist with college applications, a role that is very meaningful to her. Having been through the process 16 years ago, she understands the excitement and the apprehension. Being associated with PPRO EED allows Kim to come full circle and it’s truly gratifying to her to serve the bright and ambitious kids in this capacity. Kim has a variety of hobbies that include: Hiking, travelling, baking, reading, yoga, and tennis.

Simran Bhatia

Simran is a PPRO EED alumni. She is majoring in Computer Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is a student mentor/buddy for current students, connecting with them at a friendly level to share her experiences during the admission journey and also guides them through the application process. Sharing best practices and smart tips, she is now an active blogger to help build our community.

Neeta Chatterjee

Neeta has 19 years of work experience in the service industry. Neeta provides support to our consultants and clients, assisting in daily office needs, sending out communications and managing general administrative activities. Neeta’s many roles are neither easy, nor are they set in stone. She is a very flexible person who is always willing to take on additional tasks.

Karuna Gupta

Karuna brings a ‘can-do’, positive and friendly attitude to work every day. Karuna provides backend support to our consultants and clients, keeping track of documents and deadlines and managing several administrative activities.

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