Who We are

PPRO EED is a Foreign Education Consultancy, based in Gurgaon, providing services to students who wish to pursue their studies abroad. PPRO EED consultants understand the requirements of Indian students, and their parents. They work with them to resolve their questions, confusions, and anxieties, and understand their hopes and dreams in order to find them a suitable course at a foreign university with hassle-free admission. PPRO EED’s comprehensive, accurate, ethical and timely assistance ensures that their students achieve their individual goals of excellence in education abroad.

Our Strength

Putting Students and Parents First

We at PPRO EED provide high quality, personalized advising to students and parents as we feel that supporting a family throughout high school, in addition to the college search and application process, is the best way to ensure successful outcomes. Our approach to college advising is developed in accordance with a student’s needs and is never “one size fits all.”

Focusing on Fit

We at PPRO EED offer a personalised approach to college counseling that exclusively focuses on the needs and objectives of students and their families. PPRO EED philosophy toward college counseling is that college options should be provided to students based on what the best fit might be, given their learning style, academic goals, and other criteria. We offer a personalised approach to college counseling that exclusively focuses on the needs and objectives of students and their families. College lists are customized to each student.

Empowering Students

PPRO EED counselors love working with students and are excited to support their personal growth on many levels. We provide advice about strengthening grades, identify possible leadership and community service opportunities for students, and encourage students to take creative risks to achieve their potential in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in their personal lives. High school should be seen as a journey of learning academic and life lessons and not just a path to the college application process. Students who have explored their interests stretched their minds, and actively engaged in their communities excite colleges. PPRO EED urges students to open new doors in their lives from the very moment they walk through ours.

Responding to Your Needs

PPRO EED counselors work with families in a manner that best meets their needs. Our counselors will take initiative in scheduling appointments, providing resources to students, such as information about summer programs or reminders regarding standardized test registration, and will help keep families on schedule so that an important deadline is never missed!

Enrolling a right-fit college can be a launch pad for future success and a pathway to realising one’s full potential. Contact us for a personalized counseling and comprehensive assistance.

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