Our Students Make Us Proud

Anousha RayLASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore), Nottingham Trent University (UK), Indian School of Design and Innovation (Mumbai)

My experience at PPRO EED was fantastic. Everyone was very approachable and active. From choosing countries, and narrowing down universities, to building my cv and the entire application process they helped me constantly.  My parents and I never had to worry about anything, and all my work was always done ahead of time. The constant push and motivation helped me reach where I wanted to be.

Sibin MathewConcordia University

My experience with PPRO EED has been wonderful. They helped in my SOP and Resume building, the entire team was helpful and always updated on the tasks. Aditi ma'am was especially helpful and engaging which helped in my admission process.

Radhika HandaUniversity of the Arts London, Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design, Regents University, Nottingham Trent University, Instituto Marangoni (London)

I had an amazing experience with PPRO EED. They helped me right from the beginning from narrowing down my courses to improving my CV, to the entire application process and interview training. It was entirely due to them that I could get into every one of the universities I had applied to. Highly recommend them!

Shaurya Vansh ChauhanSan Diego State University, UC Davis, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Cruz, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Michigan State University, Indiana University Bloomington, Butler University

I had a wonderful experience with PPRO EED. They helped me through an amazing journey from picking out courses to finalizing colleges best for me. They were there every step guiding me.

Nandini SachdevaYork University, McMaster University, University of Illinois Chicago, Drexel University, Rutgers University, Indiana University Bloomington

It has been wonderful working with the team of PPRO EED. Everyone has been extremely helpful and understanding throughout the process.

Aditti ma'am has helped me make the right decisions, Karuna ma'am has helped me keep up with the endless deadlines, Namrata ma'am has helped me build my CV and Ayushi ma'am has helped me with the numerous essays.
I'm so thankful and grateful to each and everyone for helping me get into a prestigious university. I couldn't have done it without them.

Devashri BhargavaLondon School of Political Science and Economics

PPRO EED was extremely helpful in navigating through the daunting process of college admissions. They supported and guided me from the very beginning from choosing the most suitable course to finally applying to colleges. They were easily approachable and available every time I needed them.
Truly thankful to the entire PPRO EED team!

Eeshna GuptaSOAS University

The PPRO EED team has been really helpful throughout the process. Aditi Ma’am has always been open to ideas and has guided me in the right way, despite me changing my decisions many times. This is a larger reflection on how the team keeps the interests of the students over their own interests and follows a fluid approach which I appreciated. Further, they have been responsive at all stages and have helped me get into the university I aimed for! I am really grateful to the team for being a part of my journey.

Shruti ParasherUniversity of Illinois Chicago, The Savannah College of Art and Design, Drexel University, University of Cincinnati

Aditi Ma'am and her team were extremely effective in helping me navigate through my college application process. They encouraged and guided me throughout my common application process. They introduced me to the idea of applying to the program of industrial design at the University of Cincinnati (DAAP). I am happy to say I'm a proud design student at the college of design architecture art and planning at the University of Cincinnati! I am deeply grateful for all the help I got from the team! Thank you.

Khushi JunejaKing's College London

I’m very thankful to PPRO EED to help me get admission into a college abroad. They had made the admission process the easiest. Thank you.

Janani GurumurthyUniversity of Pennsylvania, University of San Francisco, Carnegie Mellon University

I’m extremely thankful to Aditti Ma’am and her team at PPRO EED. Without their words of encouragement and keen attention to detail with just about every aspect of my application, I would not have been able to put my best foot forward and gain an admit into the University of Pennsylvania.

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