Our Students Make Us Proud

Vedin DewanImperial College, London

Aditi ma'am was a big help in pushing me and getting everything done meticulously and timely. PPRO EED's efforts helped me produce my best, resulting in excellent admits to colleges including HKU with a full scholarship. With the help of their unwavering support, I got into my dream college - Imperial college!

Krishna Datta MultanUniversity College London

Thanks to PPRO EED's consistent assistance and support, I was able to get through to one of the top five Universities in the UK – University College London (UCL). I am a proud PPRO EED customer and recommend their services to all those who wish to fly and pursue their dreams because I can now say, they did give me wings.

Priya KumarSingapore Management University

The PPRO EED team was very prompt with essay editing and making files as per requirement. I can safely say that a great part of the credit for getting into Singapore Management University for an undergraduate program in Economics goes to Aditti ma’am and her entire team.

Adrija BhowalUniversity of Manchester

Yes, I would definitely recommend this consultancy to others since the individualized attention that the PPRO EED team gives to its students is commendable. Aditi Ma’am guided me throughout the process and helped me select my university. I am really grateful to her.

Samaksh KhatriKing's College London

The discussions I had with Aditti Ma’am and her informative insights helped in improving the quality of Personal Statement which in turn made my application to the college a strong one and therefore helped me in securing my admission.

Simran SanganeriaKings College, Masters in International Relations

I had thought of myself as an incapable and ineligible candidate for studying out of India. But when I got in touch with Aditi ma’am, she was the one who gave me a reality check and taught me to put things in perspective.

Soumyadip RakshitPhD in University of Bath

Aditti is a fountain of information about all things education. She always has the latest, insightful stats and knowledge of hidden gems that can’t be found anywhere else.

Such ChandhiokUniversity of Calgary, Canada

Hi Aditti, all I wanted to say was “Thank you". You were a great help in my struggle to be what I am.

Pratik JainMBA in University of Strathclyde, UK

The experiences I had with PPRO EED was exceptional. I had not expected such personal one to one interaction for helping me in my post-grad applications. Aditti’s response time is phenomenal and her attention to the minute details is absolutely amazing.

Aditya AhluwaliaKings College London

From Day 1, the counseling and insights I received from Aditi Ma’am really helped me in choosing my college, course and understand what to do further in life.