Make the most of social media!

Make the most of social media!

In today’s world where most of the younger generation happen to express themselves only through social media, many often use it for the wrong. Whilst many consider social media as only a source for entertainment, or consider it a distraction, using social media for good deeds becomes a rare activity. Social media provides us with a platform that can reach audiences across the globe. Teenagers can utilize that platform in a positive manner where they can share their ideas and communicate with communities or personalities through several methods.

1. Start a blog

  • Writing about any topic of a teenager’s interest may be the best way to share one’s knowledge, insights, and ideas with the people around them.
  • The web provides a plethora of platforms for students to begin blogging and communicating with a large audience.

2. Help the community

  • As teenagers in middle school begin to help the community or start individual community service initiatives, social media may be the best way to advertise one’s ideas and gain more support or volunteers.
  • Sharing funding links, petition links or simply spreading awareness about an issue can be done with ease as the information reaches far ends quickly through social media.

3. Showcase your talent!

  • Social media is a great platform for teenagers to communicate and share their talents for recognition.
  • Music videos, podcasts, or even YouTube videos are a great way for a teenager to express their talents, thoughts and share new ideas with a greater audience.

4. Grow networks


  • Whilst in present life teenagers would struggle to fish for individuals that can support their ideas or help build a future, social media can act as an easy link for people to connect.
  • Sites such as LinkedIn or even other entertainment-based platforms can help teenagers connect with new people and grow their networks for better opportunities and recognition.

5. Global exposure


  • Social media being a platform that can reach the hands of people in countries around the world, it can provide teenagers with the benefit of getting exposure to different perspectives and ideas from across the globe.
  • New insights, larger networks and forming new perspectives can be done through the plethora of knowledge that social media provides, allowing teenagers to broaden their horizons.



This blog has been contributed by Nandini Sarin, a class 9 student of Pathways World School Aravali, interning with PPRO EED.

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