Teenagers in battle against Lockdown

Teenagers in battle against Lockdown

While fighting the Covid-19, students in middle school struggle to adapt to the modified online systems and the constraints set on their day to day lives. In the present, where even educators are learning to develop online platforms, many students who once flourished in school, strive to adjust to new systems. Be it academically or psychologically, living within four walls, while trying to make life seem normal again is never easy. Nevertheless, it may not be as bad as one may think. It’s just a matter of time until teenagers can recognize the activities, they can do to add value to their profiles and develop their personalities, just sitting at home. With this situation comes a whole new set of opportunities, which students never got a chance to explore previously. For instance:

Online courses: Online systems and webs contain a plethora of knowledge, which can allow students to learn beyond their fixed school syllabus.
• Online courses created by universities across the globe offer students with content, which is within the university’s syllabus, preparing pre-university students to grasp future concepts at a young age. From introductions to psychology and philosophy to even learning to play the guitar.
• It offers student credit to add to their resumes and further broadens their horizons to explore new topics.

Educational resources: for students who struggle to grasp concepts within the school syllabus, there is almost nothing that the web cannot answer.
• Watching YouTube videos, documentaries, or tutorials is a good way for students to be able to understand new concepts, clear doubts, and explore new interests.
• Websites such as Khan Academy or BYJU’s are fun and interactive ways to revise topics during the excess free time in the current situation.

Develop new hobbies: Use this time at home to learn new things and develop hobbies that one would have never expected to learn.
• Write a novel, paint a canvas, learn new software, start a blog, or even find a pen pal to have an open mind to new ideas.
• Keeping teenagers motivated and occupied is critical to prevent a negative psychological state that may arise due to the barriers put down during the lockdown.

Indulge yourself in household activities: Keeping active is crucial to keeping healthy mentally and physically.
• For middle school students who soon have to prepare for independent college life, use this time to help in house chores and learn how to maintain a healthy livelihood independently.
• Teenagers often lose motivation to maintain their physical identities, although its crucial to stay fit as it benefits one’s mental health and keeps one active through these long lazy days.


To conclude, the current situation may have to eventually be accepted as a new way of life, and for young teenagers coping with it may be as difficult as they choose to make it. Finding opportunities, taking advantage of the circumstances is crucial to be able to adapt oneself to this new life, and its barriers.





This blog has been contributed by Nandini Sarin, a class 9 student of Pathways World School Aravali, interning with PPRO EED.

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